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    Are These Habits Sabotaging Your Money Mindset?

    Take control and prosper If you are ready to make some big financial changes, you need to take a hard look at your money habits. You know the saying: “Actions speak louder than words.” That sentiment is especially true when it comes to money. Check out these four habits that might be sabotaging your money mindset. Spending everything you make Too many people make the mistake of spending every dime they earn. As a result, they live the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and worry constantly about having enough money. They juggle bills, paying whatever is most urgent at the time and never seem to catch up. I’ve been there. How about you?…

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    4 Common Causes of a Poor Money Mindset

    get to the root of you money issues Before you can improve your attitude about money, it helps to get to the root of your money mindset. Until you understand why you think the way that you do, you can’t change it. Many of us struggle with one (or more) of four common issues when it comes to our money mindsets. This article contains affiliate links. If you click and buy, I will earn a tiny commission. 1. Your parents had poor money mindsets Parents who have poor money management habits or who expressed constant concerns about a lack of money can transfer bad habits and ideas to their children.…

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    Three signs You Have an Unhealthy Money Mindset

    How is your relationship with money? Everyone has a relationship with money, but not everyone has a healthy relationship. Your money relationship is not determined by how many dollars you have in your bank account or what your savings portfolio looks like. Your relationship with money is about how you view money and how you use it to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Want to know if your money relationship is a good one or a bad one? Review these three signs that your money relationship could use some improvement. 1. Frequent feelings of jealousy or bitterness While you’re out shopping, another customer buys the…

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    How to get buyers to buy

    Appeal to human nature Don’t get discouraged if sales start out slow when you are promoting a product or service via an email list, blog posts, and social media. It’s human nature to procrastinate until the last possible minute. This means many of your customers and contacts will wait to make their purchase on the final day of a deal. You can use the following ideas to encourage fast action on a promotion. Work It Wednesday Offer a bonus Bonuses work whether you’re promoting your own product or someone else’s. You could make the bonus a free product. I know I have made purchases because the bonus free item was…

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    Solve a problem

    Explain how it works Today I received my new Samsung Galaxy S8+. A month ago, I wasn’t planning on getting a new cell phone. My contract was up, but I was planning to stick with my S6. However, Sprint started sending me emails: first, about the upcoming release of the S8+; next, about all the ways I could buy or lease the device; then, about all the new and improved features; finally, a reminder that the device would be shipping soon. The more I read and researched, the more I thought upgrading wasn’t a bad idea. Now I sit here with the new device in my possession. Work It Wednesday…

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    Drop the Scattergun Approach to Promotion

    Focus Your Message A few years ago, I knew a young man who was a foreign exchange student here in the United States. When he went to Walmart and saw the toothpaste aisle he was overwhelmed by the number of types and brands of toothpaste he had to choose from. He just wanted some toothpaste! He didn’t know if he should buy whitening toothpaste, plaque-busting toothpaste, or breath-freshening toothpaste. Or should he buy one that does all three? What brand was best? Most reliable? Most affordable? So many options. Guess what? This is how the people who love to hear from you feel when you’re try to promote too many…

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    Create a Marketing Calendar

    and Know When to Say No Plan your promotions and marketing in advance. Some people might even want to plan out an entire year. At a minimum, plan each quarter. Knowing what is coming up reduces stress and ensures that you have a steady flow of content and marketing for your business. Consider this scenario: Tessa loved sharing promotions with her mailing list. She had an excellent reputation in her online communities and people trusted her recommendations. As she grew her business, she began to get more requests to promote products that her friends and business partners had created. She said ‘yes’ to every opportunity but eventually found she was…

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    Promote and Grow

    How do you make your business grow? This Work It Wednesday I’m starting a series about promoting your business, products, and services. This is directed at you small business owners, but, even if you work for someone else, this information may be helpful. Lady Gaga sings “I live for the applause,” and I believe we are all living for the applause in one way or another. We want people to respond to us, to work with, to cooperate with us, or to like us. So let’s dig into what it takes to promote, and promote well. Marketing Is About Multiple Touches We’ll start with a story. Marcy was excited to…

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    Banish Negative Self-Talk

    Last week we talked about productivity. This week we dig a bit deeper into what holds some people back from getting things done: negative self-talk. Use Positive Self-Talk to Conquer Any Task I don’t have too many rules in my classroom, but the most important rule is “No Negative Self-Talk.” I encourage students not to say “I can’t do this” or “I’m not smart enough” or “I must be dumb since everyone else is getting this.” Instead I ask them to phrase their frustrations as “I’m having trouble with this” or “I need you to show me this again” or “I want to practice more so I can understand.” Positive…

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    12 Tips for Increasing Productivity

    How to get started and stay focused First, I want to say that I don’t think productivity is the most important thing in life. The most productive people are not necessarily the happiest or the most fulfilled. However, most of us would like to be productive on most days. So what gets in the way of your productivity? Procrastination? Wasting time trying to find the best possible solution? As you search for the easiest or fastest or most noble way to do something, you may find yourself at a standstill.  Unconsciously, you may even do this on purpose to keep from having to make a decision. Thankfully, there’s a work-around:…

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