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    Warning! I’ve got ideas

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ~Albert Einstein Einstein is perhaps more eloquent than I. A recent status on my Facebook page read: some days I think I need a Warning Label: “Big girl with big ideas and big mouth. Converse at your own risk.” That status resulted in my having someone make this sign and hold it up in Times Square and take a picture. That’s my warning label. Perhaps I have something in common with Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy who’s famous for saying, “I’m a man! I’m forty.” I’m well past forty, so I am certainly an adult. More than that, I’m…

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    Funny stuff

    I ran across this blog post from last year while I was doing some research: Top 10 Reasons Why Men Shouldn’t Be Ordained. Some of the commenters are funnier than the list, especially the “you should read your Bible and repent” types. But I’m just a woman, what do I know?

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    Men as Objects

    Once upon a time, women fought to become more than objects of men’s desires. They fought for the right to own property, to vote, for equal education, for equal pay and for the opportunity to live up to their full potential as human beings. All noble and laudable goals. So when I read this op-ed piece in the Daily Oklahoman, Child’s pay: Support collections, unwed births on rise, I wonder if the tables have now turned. Instead of women being the objects of men’s desires, men have become the objects of women’s desires. For many women and children, a man no longer plays a vital role in their lives. He…