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    I’m Such a Nasty Woman

    I do the hard work and know my stuff Unless you live in a media blackout zone somewhere, you know Trump uttered the phrase “such a nasty woman” while Clinton was speaking during the last presidential debate. This lack of self-control on Trump’s part triggered an immediate reaction on social media. Women everywhere embraced the nasty woman meme, tweeting their support of nasty women everywhere. “Nasty woman” becomes the feminist rallying cry Hillary was waiting for https://t.co/g2DPc8mThU via @vox — Laurie Hosken, PHR (@LaurieHosken) October 21, 2016 The day after the debate, Trump complained that Clinton had access to the debate questions ahead of time. Because, you know, how else could…

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    Links to cool people

    Dina Giolitto over at Wordfeeder has put together a links list of cool people. Some of my favorites are on the list: Ann Zuccardy – AZ Communications Laura’s Glass Art The Yard Fairy – Diane Downey Vanessa Shelton Chateau on the Grove Take a few minutes and check out these and many other cool people and websites.

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    5 ways to get more of what you want done

    I was looking at my calendar today and it occurred to me that there are some tasks I assign myself that I really don’t want to do. You could call it simple procrastination, but I began to wonder why we all sometimes willingly take on projects that really don’t thrill us; consequently, we end up procrastinating or simply defaulting on the task. I’ve come up with five reasons I believe that I (and probably you) do this and some ways to overcome these obstacles to personal productivity and fulfillment. The problem: Feelings of inadequacy. This may be especially common if it’s a task that requires us to stretch our abilities.…

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    Warning! I’ve got ideas

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ~Albert Einstein Einstein is perhaps more eloquent than I. A recent status on my Facebook page read: some days I think I need a Warning Label: “Big girl with big ideas and big mouth. Converse at your own risk.” That status resulted in my having someone make this sign and hold it up in Times Square and take a picture. That’s my warning label. Perhaps I have something in common with Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy who’s famous for saying, “I’m a man! I’m forty.” I’m well past forty, so I am certainly an adult. More than that, I’m…

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    Double Standards

    I participate in a number of online forums for business owners and entrepreneurs. One thing I have noticed recently is the growing use of the term “mompreneur.” Entrepreneur magazine defines a mompreneur as: A female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. I receive many notices for events and groups for mompreneurs and I started to wonder why this term is acceptable to female entrepreneurs, even if they are mothers. Here are just a few questions the term raises for me. Ponder them and draw your own conclusions. Not all female entreprenuers are mothers. Yet, near as I can tell from my…