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    A guide to holiday greetings

    How to embrace the beauty of the season So the current U.S. president is at it again, claiming that Christmas is never talked about and no one says Merry Christmas. This time he is doing it at the Value Voters Summit (a really nasty group of haters). I don’t know what planet he lives on. Goodness, the Merry Christmas decorations are all over the stores in the U.S., and we have yet to celebrate Halloween. He’s wrong, of course, Christmas is alive and well and celebrated by people all over the world, including the United States. There is no war on Christmas and there never has been. What the unfortunately…

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    Roadblocks to Believing in Yourself

    Make self-compassion a priority Self-confidence boosts your chances of living the life you want to live. However, if you are too hard on yourself, you can short circuit your confidence and avoid moving out of your comfort zone to create a better life. You could even come to think you don’t deserve the life you want. Practicing self-compassion is essential for a healthy, happy life. Check out these three common confidence killers that can keep you from living out your true potential. 1. Comparison Quit comparing your life to the lives of those around you and especially the lives of people you’re connected with on social media. Doing so can…

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    The stress-busting power of gratitude

    Welcome to Thankful Thursday! This week I am thankful for good friends over the course of a lifetime. I’m not a particularly social person, so you won’t find my calendar full of parties and outings with friends. Yet I know by experience that my friends have got my back. I’m thankful they are willing to help out with the simple things like moving a piece of furniture and the deep and painful things like grieving the death of a loved one. My life is full thanks to the friends who make me laugh, keep me honest, and support me through good times and bad. Thank you! Last week’s Thankful Thursday…

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    Growing Hosta Plants and Types of Hostas

    With Fall just around the corner, the sun is riding lower in the sky casting longer shadows on the garden. One plant that welcomes the extra coolness and shade is the hosta. Hostas are the unsung heroes of the shady garden. There are 70 species of hostas and over 3,000 registered

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    Fermented Bread and Butter Pickles

    I love bread and butter pickles. But the general kind of pickle, made with vinegar, lacks the digestive enzymes and probiotics of the fermented ones. Here is a recipe for how to make these delicious and helpful pickles. You will need: 3 medium cucumbers ½ cup thinly sliced onion 1 grape leaf ½ cup freshly squeezed lemon

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    Asters: Stars of the Fall Garden

    Summer is winding down but the asters are just getting started, adding splashes of lavender, purple, and pink to the fall garden. A native American plant, the aster got its name from the ancient Greek and Latin words for star, describing its radiant blossom. One of its common names is starwort.

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    Making New Plants From Cuttings

    One of my favorite aspects of gardening is plant propagation. Whether it is from seed or a cutting, I love seeing a new plant emerge and grow. Early fall is the time to take some cuttings of plants you want to keep over the winter. Tender container plants are at their

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    The Best Time to Buy “Real” Food

    Fall is the time of year when gardens disgorge their bounty and farm stands are chock-a-block full of wondrous fruits and veggies. It’s the best time to buy and store fresh food! Twenty-five and fifty pound bags of onions and potatoes are on sale for incredibly low prices. Right now is

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    Storing the Harvest Without a Root Cellar

    Now that you have grown and harvested some beautiful winter-keeping vegetables, how are you going to store them? In great-grandma’s day most houses had a root cellar or a cold storage room somewhere in the house. Today’s houses pride them selves on having warm, dry, finished basements instead of cold, damp

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    Fall Chores: Autumn Garden Cleanup

    Once the frost hits, it’s time to start on those fall garden chores. Here is a to-do list for fall vegetable garden cleanup. We finally got a killing frost in mid-October, almost a month later than usual, giving us a good long growing season this year. Check the frost dates in

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