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    It’s the small things

    that mean the most My neighbors may think I’m the crazy chicken lady, but I don’t mind. A chicken is a small animal who produces a small, edible egg, yet a chicken can be much more. I find watching and listening to my hens comforting and relaxing. They are naturally curious and respond to my voice, especially if I have strawberries in my hand (they love strawberries!). Although some days are hectic and I only have time to fill feeders and waterers, I like to take a few minutes each day to simply be with the hens and appreciate their simple beauty and silly personalities. Appreciating the small things in life can…

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    What Keeps You Chained to Old Stories?

    . . . and I mean physically linked to those stories! Motivation Monday Consider Gail’s situation. She was moving to a new home and had purchased new furniture. As she looked around her house trying to decide what pieces of existing furniture she wanted to take with her, she noticed the antique sewing cabinet in her living room. It had been handed down to Gail by her mother. Although Gail loved to sew, she no longer wanted this family heirloom. Why? Every time she looked at it all she could think of was her mother’s constant criticism. The cabinet filled her with sadness and anger. The cabinet reinforced Gail’s old…

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    From cubicle dweller to urban farmer

    Here’s a video about a man and his wife who simplified, downsized, and embraced permaculture. I love Andrew Martin’s story about how more money doesn’t equal more happiness. My own journey has been similar (read how I got started on this path HERE). Leaving the corporate world was one of the best choices I have ever made. Although Martin had the means to purchase a large piece of property to start his permaculture lifestyle, it’s not a requirement. I’m doing it on a tiny urban lot. Other people do it in community gardens and vacant city lots. It’s more about the choices you make than the places you live. Martin talks about the…

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    Voluntary Simplicity – a philosophical review

    The Moral and Ethical Weight of Voluntary Simplicity By resisting the consumerist impulses to needlessly upgrade and acquire, many of us can save ourselves from financial stress due to over-commitment and debt, while simultaneously freeing up time and money we can spend on non-material pleasures such as time with friends and family, as well as in pursuit of personal passions, projects, and goals. Samuel Alexander and Jacob Garrett recently published a new report for the Simplicity Institute. (Download it HERE.) As a longtime adherent of simple living, I found their philosophical discussion enlightening. I chose voluntary simplicity because it makes life easier and more pleasant. Living simply reduces the amount…

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    Redesign & Reboot for 2017

    New Year. New Design. New eBook. Bohemian Reflections got a redesign this month. I streamlined the navigation and gave the design a fresh 2017 look. My favorite and bestselling print of all time, Bee on a Bed of Roses, is front and center. Get your copy HERE. As you may know, I left full-time education administration in 2015. It has taken a few months, but I have settled in to a new lifestyle as community college professor, working artist, and urban farmer. The new life demanded a reboot in how I approach blogging and social media. You may notice Bohemian Reflections has a new tag line: Living The Want To Life. That…

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    What is Paradise?

    I’ve been thinking lately about the meaning of Paradise. Is it a place to go after we are dead and gone from this earth? Is it a place only found in fairy tales? The #1 dictionary definition is that paradise is heaven, yet I like the #4 and #5 definitions better: #4 a place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness #5 a state of supreme happiness; bliss The paradise in those definitions can be created now, in our own lives and homes and relationships. That paradise is the essence of what I call a life of Bohemian Reflections: a beautiful counterpart to the dark life so many choose to live…

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    Vodka Garlic

    Because you can never have too much garlic I recently harvested the garlic I planted last fall. With fresh garlic on hand, I  sorted through last season’s garlic and picked bulbs to use for my 2017 crop and bulbs to salvage for eating. I hang fresh garlic to dry, and it keeps well for about 8 or 9 months. However, sometimes you want to keep garlic even longer. In those cases, you can store garlic by freezing or pickling, but this is my favorite method to preserve garlic for easy use. Simply mince the garlic you want to save and place it in a glass jar, add a few sprigs…

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    Easy cupcakes with honey buttercream frosting

    I love my sweets. Yes I do. And I especially love quick and easy sweets. These cupcakes are just the thing to whip up when your sweet tooth is calling. Cupcake ingredients: 2 1/2 cups Baking Mix (Bisquick, Jiffy, Pioneer, or whatever your local grocer carries) 1 cup Sugar 1 cup Milk 2 Eggs 2 Tbsp Apple Sauce 1 Tsp Vanilla Cupcake directions: Beat the eggs in a mixing bowl. Add all the other ingredients and mix well. You can mix by hand or with a mixer. Let the batter rest while you prepare the cupcake tin. Line 12 cups with cupcake liners. Pour the batter evenly into each cup. Bake at 400…

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    Easy Fruit Salad

    I love fruit but am terrible about eating it if it requires me to peel, cut, or in any way prep it before eating. I get around this personality flaw by making fruit salad. Yes, I still have to prep it, but I do it all at once, put it in a bowl, and then eat at my leisure the rest of the week. You can use a variety of fruits in this salad. My rule is pick two fresh and two dried and go to town. If you use grapes, cut them in half. If you use oranges or some other citrus, cut into bite-size pieces and let them…