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    The First Steps to Improving Self-Compassion

    and self-esteem Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. Self-compassion is how you treat yourself. The two combined form a lens through which you determine who you are and what you’re capable of accomplishing. If you lack either one, you may see yourself as unworthy and untalented. Instead of seeing your ability to easily start a conversation with anyone as a talent for communication, you see it as a flaw and call yourself motormouth or chatty Cathy. While it can be tempting to fixate on our perceived flaws, doing so won’t help create the lives we want to live. Consider the following three ideas for boosting your self-compassion. 1. Stop…

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    4 Common Causes of a Poor Money Mindset

    get to the root of you money issues Before you can improve your attitude about money, it helps to get to the root of your money mindset. Until you understand why you think the way that you do, you can’t change it. Many of us struggle with one (or more) of four common issues when it comes to our money mindsets. This article contains affiliate links. If you click and buy, I will earn a tiny commission. 1. Your parents had poor money mindsets Parents who have poor money management habits or who expressed constant concerns about a lack of money can transfer bad habits and ideas to their children.…

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    A Future You Can Believe In

    Dare to Dream We finished the series on letting go of old stories, and now we start a series on believing in yourself and all the possibilities for your life. The number one advice I can give you is to practice self-compassion. Self-esteem gets all the glory, but the truth is we need to offer ourselves the compassion we probably offer to those around us. When we quit expecting perfection, we allow ourselves to explore and learn and grow without fear. It is then that we begin to realize all the possibilities available to us. The future isn’t bleak and depressing. It’s exciting and filled with new opportunities. So, what’s…

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    What Keeps You Chained to Old Stories?

    . . . and I mean physically linked to those stories! Motivation Monday Consider Gail’s situation. She was moving to a new home and had purchased new furniture. As she looked around her house trying to decide what pieces of existing furniture she wanted to take with her, she noticed the antique sewing cabinet in her living room. It had been handed down to Gail by her mother. Although Gail loved to sew, she no longer wanted this family heirloom. Why? Every time she looked at it all she could think of was her mother’s constant criticism. The cabinet filled her with sadness and anger. The cabinet reinforced Gail’s old…

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    Banish Negative Self-Talk

    Last week we talked about productivity. This week we dig a bit deeper into what holds some people back from getting things done: negative self-talk. Use Positive Self-Talk to Conquer Any Task I don’t have too many rules in my classroom, but the most important rule is “No Negative Self-Talk.” I encourage students not to say “I can’t do this” or “I’m not smart enough” or “I must be dumb since everyone else is getting this.” Instead I ask them to phrase their frustrations as “I’m having trouble with this” or “I need you to show me this again” or “I want to practice more so I can understand.” Positive…

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    Symbols of New Life at the Vernal Equinox

    Spring has arrived Today is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring represents new beginnings and new life in many cultures. Eggs, bunnies, lambs, flowers, and green leaves on trees are all symbols of hope. We also associate the vernal equinox with a time of spring cleaning: getting rid of the old, bringing in the new, and restoring vitality and health to our homes. The spring equinox is also a time for creativity and fresh starts. This quote from playwright George Bernard Shaw fits right into these spring time themes: Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself. Last week I was thinking about pruning. This week I’m…

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    Prune the dead wood

    prepare for new growth If you are a gardener, you know you need to prune trees, shrubs, and rose bushes to keep them healthy. Each spring I take time to prune any dead or winter damaged branches. Today I worked in the back garden and spent quite a bit of time pruning my 15-year-old rambling rose. It’s a huge bush and soon it will be covered in hundreds of pink roses. Cutting out the dead wood will make it a healthier, stronger plant. While I was pruning, I thought about how our lives are not all that different from a rose bush. Over time, and especially as we endure and…