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    Spiritual Covenant with America

    I joined the Network of Spiritual Progressives last year because the group closely reflects my own views on what it will take to build communities, countries, and a world based on peaceful human interaction. Each time I read the emailed newsletters or the print magazine, Tikkun, a spirit of hope is renewed in me. Below is a one-page summary of our Spiritual Covenant with America. You can read the full covenant HERE. 1. We will create a society that promotes rather than undermines loving and caring relationships and families. 2. We will take personal responsibility for ethical behavior. 3. We will build social responsibility into the normal operations of our…

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    Intimate knowledge

    I have read this piece by Frank Schaeffer twice. It’s funny, and it’s a super promotion for his newest book. But more than that, I get what he is talking about. And I think he is right. There are just too many of us who don’t simply have a book knowledge or observational knowledge of how far-right, literalist, fundamentalist, evangelicals think. We have an insider’s intimate knowledge that comes from having been one of them. We know how they think because we used to think that way, too. The ranks of post-evangelicals is growing. The so-called Nones may be checking none as a religious affiliation, but they are checking something…