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    12 Tips for Increasing Productivity

    How to get started and stay focused First, I want to say that I don’t think productivity is the most important thing in life. The most productive people are not necessarily the happiest or the most fulfilled. However, most of us would like to be productive on most days. So what gets in the way of your productivity? Procrastination? Wasting time trying to find the best possible solution? As you search for the easiest or fastest or most noble way to do something, you may find yourself at a standstill.  Unconsciously, you may even do this on purpose to keep from having to make a decision. Thankfully, there’s a work-around:…

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    Life Curation

    or How to Be More Productive If you google “time management,” you will get around 108,000,000 search results. The top few results will be articles on how to better manage time. Want to know a secret? We can’t manage time. The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years are going to roll on by no matter what we do to try to manage them. The moon is going to circle the earth and the earth circle the sun no matter what we do. If you can’t manage time, how can you possibly get done all the things you want to get done? Curate your life. You can’t manage time, but…

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    Defeating the energy vampires

    I am a person who strives to treat each person I meet with respect and kindness, and I expect that those with whom I choose to work, socialize, and develop intimate relationships would treat me in the same manner. As a result, I am always temporarily taken aback when folks don’t respond in kind. Of course, I realize that humans aren’t always on their best behavior. We all have bad moments and sometimes even long, dark bad spells in our lives. However, once we schlep off those dark webs, we make our apologies and amends and rejoin the ranks of our mutually respectful peers. There are, however, those who derive…

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    5 ways to get more of what you want done

    I was looking at my calendar today and it occurred to me that there are some tasks I assign myself that I really don’t want to do. You could call it simple procrastination, but I began to wonder why we all sometimes willingly take on projects that really don’t thrill us; consequently, we end up procrastinating or simply defaulting on the task. I’ve come up with five reasons I believe that I (and probably you) do this and some ways to overcome these obstacles to personal productivity and fulfillment. The problem: Feelings of inadequacy. This may be especially common if it’s a task that requires us to stretch our abilities.…

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    Open Source Software

    I’m a big fan of the Open Source movement. If you’re not familiar with Open Source, you should know that the world of Open Source projects is populated by programmers and Internet enthusiasts who believe the best software should be readily available to everyone–money should not be a barrier to productivity.  There are many options for Open Source software and I highlight just five of my personal favorites in this video. What are some of your Open Source favorites?