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    Let Go to Move Forward

    Embrace a life you want It’s important to recognize feelings, situations, and people who don’t support our best interests. Letting go of these makes room for more positive, goal-supporting influences. I have learned to pay attention to my thoughts and redirect any that are negative or self-defeating. Sadly, I have also learned to let negative, defeatist people drift out of my life. If there is anyone you spend time with who leaves you feeling drained and demoralized, spend less time with that person; ideally, stop spending any time with them. I know it sounds harsh, but your well-being and your future depend on it. Don’t let energy vampires steal your life.…

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    How to Keep Your Focus Forward

    And write a new story This is the last in the series on letting go of old stories. You may find yourself stuck as you release your old story and write a new one. You ditched the old story that was dragging you down, yet you don’t know want to do next. I know when I let go of an old, unhelpful story about being an introvert I felt relieved but was unsure (and a little nervous) about what my new story should look like. If this describes you, try asking yourself these questions… What new hobbies interest me? Don’t be afraid to try all sorts of new things now…

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    How Do You Let Go?

    Acceptance, Grief, Support, and Forgiveness In this fourth article in our series on letting go, you may be thinking that letting go of old stories is easy for a person who has had a relatively happy life. Perhaps that’s not you. Maybe you’ve battled alcohol or drugs. Maybe you’ve dealt with abuse, violent crime, or the death of a child. These stories can be particularly difficult to release. One of the reasons old stories, especially dark, painful stories, can have such power over us is because actions and behaviors in the past have long-reaching consequences. For example, adults who experienced child abuse may have difficulty developing and sustaining close relationships;…

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    What Keeps You Chained to Old Stories?

    . . . and I mean physically linked to those stories! Motivation Monday Consider Gail’s situation. She was moving to a new home and had purchased new furniture. As she looked around her house trying to decide what pieces of existing furniture she wanted to take with her, she noticed the antique sewing cabinet in her living room. It had been handed down to Gail by her mother. Although Gail loved to sew, she no longer wanted this family heirloom. Why? Every time she looked at it all she could think of was her mother’s constant criticism. The cabinet filled her with sadness and anger. The cabinet reinforced Gail’s old…

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    Do Other People Love Telling Old Stories About You?

    Perhaps Vanessa’s or Chloe’s story sounds familiar . . . Vanessa loved her extended family, but she always cringed during Thanksgiving dinner. Every year, her aunt would bring up Vanessa’s past mistakes. She would mention how many times Vanessa had shoplifted as a teenager and jokingly tell her family to count the silverware. Other relatives sometimes joined in the conversation and called Vanessa “sticky fingers.” Chloe was an alcoholic in recovery. Every few months, she’d get together with her friends for a girls’ weekend. The only problem was that one friend loved to bring up the crazy things Chloe did back in her drinking days. Chloe wasn’t ashamed of her…

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    Are you in love with your old stories?

    Even the bad ones? It’s Motivation Monday! Emma was a successful business owner who would tell herself, “I’m not good with money.” She used this story as an excuse to ignore the numbers in her business. She was constantly behind on her taxes, and she procrastinated getting a LLC set up even though she knew it would protect her. One day, a friend and fellow business owner called Emma out on what she was saying. Her friend told her the “not good with money” story was holding her back from the next level of success. It was Emma’s way of playing small and staying safe. What’s your story? Every day,…

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    How do you do it?

    I just do it. I know that sounds like a Nike advertisement, but I have been asked this question and that is the best answer I know. I simply keep on doing. Mood, health, weather, finances, relationships, and more can trip me up. Trip. Possibly Fall. Definitely Get Back Up. I just keep going. I just do it. Nobody asks how I do it because I’m breathtakingly beautiful, or fabulously wealthy, or living in a posh pad, or driving a fancy car. They ask because, no matter what, I am living my life in an intentional and satisfying way. I live the life I want to live despite setbacks and hardships…