In times like these

The importance of maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health Many people I know or am connected with on social media are unhappy, uncertain, and downright angry about the new Republican administration and the decisions being made. Cries of anguish go up over every tweet, every executive order, and each cabinet nominee. I hear some other cries, too: …
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Speak Life

. . . not death I saw a video about a mother who punished her child for laughing at another child who was bald due to cancer treatments. The punishment was that the child had her head forcibly shaved. I wondered if that punishment taught the child empathy or compassion. I wondered if the child …
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The Seeds of Hate

I opened my newspaper this morning and immediately saw the headline that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. A picture below the headline showed United States citizens rejoicing in the streets in Washington, D.C. The news and the jubilant reaction gave me pause. I read coverage in several different papers and was thankful that most …
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