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    How to get buyers to buy

    Appeal to human nature Don’t get discouraged if sales start out slow when you are promoting a product or service via an email list, blog posts, and social media. It’s human nature to procrastinate until the last possible minute. This means many of your customers and contacts will wait to make their purchase on the final day of a deal. You can use the following ideas to encourage fast action on a promotion. Work It Wednesday Offer a bonus Bonuses work whether you’re promoting your own product or someone else’s. You could make the bonus a free product. I know I have made purchases because the bonus free item was…

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    Solve a problem

    Explain how it works Today I received my new Samsung Galaxy S8+. A month ago, I wasn’t planning on getting a new cell phone. My contract was up, but I was planning to stick with my S6. However, Sprint started sending me emails: first, about the upcoming release of the S8+; next, about all the ways I could buy or lease the device; then, about all the new and improved features; finally, a reminder that the device would be shipping soon. The more I read and researched, the more I thought upgrading wasn’t a bad idea. Now I sit here with the new device in my possession. Work It Wednesday…

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    Drop the Scattergun Approach to Promotion

    Focus Your Message A few years ago, I knew a young man who was a foreign exchange student here in the United States. When he went to Walmart and saw the toothpaste aisle he was overwhelmed by the number of types and brands of toothpaste he had to choose from. He just wanted some toothpaste! He didn’t know if he should buy whitening toothpaste, plaque-busting toothpaste, or breath-freshening toothpaste. Or should he buy one that does all three? What brand was best? Most reliable? Most affordable? So many options. Guess what? This is how the people who love to hear from you feel when you’re try to promote too many…

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    Create a Marketing Calendar

    and Know When to Say No Plan your promotions and marketing in advance. Some people might even want to plan out an entire year. At a minimum, plan each quarter. Knowing what is coming up reduces stress and ensures that you have a steady flow of content and marketing for your business. Consider this scenario: Tessa loved sharing promotions with her mailing list. She had an excellent reputation in her online communities and people trusted her recommendations. As she grew her business, she began to get more requests to promote products that her friends and business partners had created. She said ‘yes’ to every opportunity but eventually found she was…

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    Promote and Grow

    How do you make your business grow? This Work It Wednesday I’m starting a series about promoting your business, products, and services. This is directed at you small business owners, but, even if you work for someone else, this information may be helpful. Lady Gaga sings “I live for the applause,” and I believe we are all living for the applause in one way or another. We want people to respond to us, to work with, to cooperate with us, or to like us. So let’s dig into what it takes to promote, and promote well. Marketing Is About Multiple Touches We’ll start with a story. Marcy was excited to…

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    The Pro Bono Marketing Staff Every Self-Published Author Has at Their Fingertips

    By Eva Lesko Natiello In today’s article, written by Eva Lesko Natiello (@EvaNatiello), indie authors are reminded of the importance of the decisions we make publishing our books. Enjoy, and be sure to comment below if you can think of other “staff” available to help self-published authors market their books.   Yesterday an author contacted me to arrange a marketing consultation. He told me he was disappointed with his marketing team. He liked what he saw I’d done with my book, and thought my team was doing a much better job. He was different than the other authors I’ve worked with—this author was traditionally published. Here’s another example of “the…

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    The Most Important 15 Seconds in the Life of Your Book

    By Joan Stewart Fifteen precious seconds. It isn’t much time. But it’s all you get if you want to convince a bookstore to buy your book, prove to a journalist that you’re worth interviewing, or persuade John Grisham to write a blurb for the cover of your mystery novel. In the world of book publishing, asking people to help you publicize, promote and sell your book is known as pitching. Do it wrong, and you blow a chance to get in front of thousands of people. Do it right, and that tiny window of opportunity could turn into the most important 15 seconds of your book’s life. Arielle Eckstut and…

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    7 Signs Your Book is “Professionally Published”

    As the movement to self-publishing has grown, more authors are producing books that land on the bestseller lists, grab honors in book awards, and receive critical acclaim. But to do that, publishing industry insiders urge authors to take the time and trouble to make sure their books are “professionally published.” But what exactly does that mean? How does an author new to book publishing know whether the books they are creating really are professional grade? To answer this question, I encourage you to take a trip through your own bookshelves, but with an analytical eye. This makes sense for a few reasons. most writers are avid readers, with a large…

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