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    Are These Habits Sabotaging Your Money Mindset?

    Take control and prosper If you are ready to make some big financial changes, you need to take a hard look at your money habits. You know the saying: “Actions speak louder than words.” That sentiment is especially true when it comes to money. Check out these four habits that might be sabotaging your money mindset. Spending everything you make Too many people make the mistake of spending every dime they earn. As a result, they live the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and worry constantly about having enough money. They juggle bills, paying whatever is most urgent at the time and never seem to catch up. I’ve been there. How about you?…

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    Introducing Fab Friday Live!

    from Candy Lane Urban Farm™ Join me each Friday via Facebook Live to see what’s happening on the urban farm and in the studio, and be the first to know what new items I’ll have at the OKC Farmers Public Market on Saturday. Check out the recording below and come back next week for more. Fab Friday Live 04/14/17

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    Checks in the mail

    I don’t know how many of you have considered affiliate marketing as a way to earn some extra income, but today I received a check in the mail from Rakuten/Linkshare and wanted to share info about them with you. I have selectively applied for and been approved to participate in affiliate programs that match my own interests: art, gardening, and education. For example, I’m an affiliate for Coursera, Udemy, Kobo, Rodale, Fivver, and Photos.com/Getty Images through Linkshare. They provide all the text and graphics, and I share them via blogs, emails, and social media. It works for me because these companies align with what I already do. When people click and buy,…

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    Easy Way to Space Seeds or Plants

    Try This in Your Garden! This year I am going to try growing cut flowers for market. I’m starting off with zinnias, sunflowers, and rudbeckia, which are quick and easy to grow, and I will add in some other flowers as the season progresses. I want to space these in the garden so each will have room to grow, yet I still want to garden intensively to make the most of my space. I made a 9″ x 9″ square to make sure I gave each seed its own space. Watch the video to see exactly how I did it. Try It Tuesday You will need: 1 piece of thin…

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    Redesign & Reboot for 2017

    New Year. New Design. New eBook. Bohemian Reflections got a redesign this month. I streamlined the navigation and gave the design a fresh 2017 look. My favorite and bestselling print of all time, Bee on a Bed of Roses, is front and center. Get your copy HERE. As you may know, I left full-time education administration in 2015. It has taken a few months, but I have settled in to a new lifestyle as community college professor, working artist, and urban farmer. The new life demanded a reboot in how I approach blogging and social media. You may notice Bohemian Reflections has a new tag line: Living The Want To Life. That…

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    My new training site launches

    with a course for Avon Reps September 19, 2016 at 4 p.m. my first course hosted and delivered from my own website launched. Content Writing for Avon Reps utilizes the Coursepress and Marketpress WordPress plugins from WPMUDEV. Incredible Functionality Just five years ago I would not have entertained the idea of delivering training from my own website. Some options were available, but none of them provided the type of experience I wanted for my students. Coursepress meets my needs and beyond. You can use the free option of the plugin or upgrade to the pro version.  Here are some of the features I love: Embed video directly into the course…

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    Check it out – urban farming as a career

    Writer and speaker Barbara Sher included a profile of my urban farmer life in her new Kindle short, “20 Great Careers for Multitalented People.” I’m listed under Urban Farmer. Only 99 cents on Amazon or free with Kindle Unlimited. If you ever wondered how people like me who have many interests find ways to make a living and also satisfy our need to explore, learn, and create, this is the little gem of a book you’ve been looking for. Enjoy!

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