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    Want to have an awe-filled life?

    Greater Good Science Center published this excellent article by Alex Springer: Who Experiences the Most Awe? The bottom line is that anyone can experience more awe in their lives. Springer writes, “How can you become more awe-some? Start by scheduling in more awe-inspiring moments, such as spending time in nature or around your favorite art.” Read the article and let me know what you think!

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    Daily Rituals

    Gratitude is a daily practice If we want to get better at any activity, we practice. Learning to play an instrument? Practice to get better. Trying a new craft or art technique? Practice until you get it. Want more joy in your life? Practice being grateful. Thankful Thursday Today I am thankful I can sit here at the breakfast bar in my kitchen working while I keep up with the laundry. It’s one of my favorite parts of my Want-To Life, and I hope I never take if for granted since it brings so much joy to my life. Today marks the start of 365 tips to make our lives…

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    In times like these

    The importance of maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health Many people I know or am connected with on social media are unhappy, uncertain, and downright angry about the new Republican administration and the decisions being made. Cries of anguish go up over every tweet, every executive order, and each cabinet nominee. I hear some other cries, too: people commenting that their sleep patterns, eating habits, and overall health have been disrupted. They have found themselves in a downward spiral of not just anger, but hatred and contempt. There is a place for criticism, intentionally provocative posts, and biting political satire. Expressing discontent and holding government officials accountable is an important part of…

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    What is Paradise?

    I’ve been thinking lately about the meaning of Paradise. Is it a place to go after we are dead and gone from this earth? Is it a place only found in fairy tales? The #1 dictionary definition is that paradise is heaven, yet I like the #4 and #5 definitions better: #4 a place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness #5 a state of supreme happiness; bliss The paradise in those definitions can be created now, in our own lives and homes and relationships. That paradise is the essence of what I call a life of Bohemian Reflections: a beautiful counterpart to the dark life so many choose to live…

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    Speak Life

    . . . not death I saw a video about a mother who punished her child for laughing at another child who was bald due to cancer treatments. The punishment was that the child had her head forcibly shaved. I wondered if that punishment taught the child empathy or compassion. I wondered if the child learned positive, constructive ways to deal with the curiosity mixed with anxiety and fear that often accompanies encounters with others who are different from us. On that day, was life spoken over that child, or was death? Our actions speak as loudly as our words. As I consider the latest mass murder in the U.S.,…