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    Soaker Hose and Mulch

    More progress in the market cutting garden Try It Tuesday My project for today that you might want to try in your garden this summer is to lay soaker hose in your garden beds and then cover with mulch. I find soaker hoses easier to work with than drip irrigation systems, and I like that they are portable and movable as my garden needs change each season. Supplies I used for this project: Soaker hose approximately 5/8″ diameter Gardening staples Hose quick connects Grass clippings as mulch Watch the video to see how it was done. Soaker Hose and Mulch Project

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    Easy Way to Space Seeds or Plants

    Try This in Your Garden! This year I am going to try growing cut flowers for market. I’m starting off with zinnias, sunflowers, and rudbeckia, which are quick and easy to grow, and I will add in some other flowers as the season progresses. I want to space these in the garden so each will have room to grow, yet I still want to garden intensively to make the most of my space. I made a 9″ x 9″ square to make sure I gave each seed its own space. Watch the video to see exactly how I did it. Try It Tuesday You will need: 1 piece of thin…

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    Transplanting Seedlings

    Winter sowing makes it easy It’s Try It Tuesday! Today’s tip is for transplanting seedlings you started. I winter sow and, although I sometimes plant directly into the garden, today I wanted to transplant into pots to finish the seedlings off so they will be ready to go to market. If you started seeds under lights, you can still use the basic advice here to transplant to larger pots when the time comes. I recommend giving winter sowing a try next winter. I can’t imagine going back to growing under lights. Winter sowing makes life easier, and the seedlings are much healthier and sturdier. Winter Sowing Works! Supplies you need: Seedlings…

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    Prune the dead wood

    prepare for new growth If you are a gardener, you know you need to prune trees, shrubs, and rose bushes to keep them healthy. Each spring I take time to prune any dead or winter damaged branches. Today I worked in the back garden and spent quite a bit of time pruning my 15-year-old rambling rose. It’s a huge bush and soon it will be covered in hundreds of pink roses. Cutting out the dead wood will make it a healthier, stronger plant. While I was pruning, I thought about how our lives are not all that different from a rose bush. Over time, and especially as we endure and…

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    Two new online classes in March

    March classes I’m teaching Evaluating News Sources Whether you are wondering if the news sources flowing through your social media feeds are legitimate or you can’t decide if what you are watching and reading is the news or someone’s opinion, this class is for you. We will look at how to evaluate the trustworthiness, accuracy, and bias of a news source. In addition, we’ll look at how to separate the news from the opinion. Register for this free class HERE. Gardening as a Spiritual Discipline This class is for gardeners and people interested in becoming gardeners. We will talk about the spiritual aspects of gardening and how you can turn…

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