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    Prayer cannot stop the sun or move mountains. Ever.

    A status update flowed through my Facebook news feed that said something like “prayer can literally stop the sun.” I probably would not have paid attention if the word “literally” had not been included. I hate to burst that person’s bubble, but no prayer, no matter how fervent, is going to cause the laws of nature to be violated or altered. Neither will prayer violate or alter the free will of another human. Why would we even want it to be so? An earth that is stopped in its tracks would result in catastrophic destruction for the earth and all its inhabitants. The ability to control others with prayer is…

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    Can negative be positive?

    Successful basketball coach Bob Knight seems to think so. His new book, The Power of Negative Thinking: An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Positive Results, was recently reviewed on the Success.com website. Of the tidbits they share, this is my favorite: Demand results. To win, you have to demand action and expect the upmost productivity out of your employees. “Successful leadership is [about] being hard to please.” I also saw a preview of Knight being interviewed on the David Feherty show on the Golf Channel and saying, “A pat on the back gets some things done. A kick in the ass gets more things done.” I’m not sure Knight’s approach would…