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    Discover IFTTT and Applets – IFTTT

    I recently started using applets provided by IFTTT to streamline some processes in life and in business. Mainly, I have automated posting to a particular board on Pinterest. For example, the RSS feed from this blog will auto-post an image and link to Pinterest. Pretty cool! Source: Discover IFTTT and Applets – IFTTT

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    Become a t-shirt seller on Amazon

    with Merch by Amazon let Ron Cubbon show you how Ron Cubbon is one of my favorite small business teachers. He always provides information and courses on the latest ways to make a living as an online business person. I’ve been following his updates on one of his latest ventures: Merch by Amazon. Merch allows you to upload artwork for t-shirts and sell the shirts via the Amazon.com platform. The shirts are print-on-demand, meaning neither you nor Amazon have to maintain any inventory. Ron has done well on the platform, yet I have wavered to try it myself since I don’t feel like I have good ideas for t-shirt art.…

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    Checks in the mail

    I don’t know how many of you have considered affiliate marketing as a way to earn some extra income, but today I received a check in the mail from Rakuten/Linkshare and wanted to share info about them with you. I have selectively applied for and been approved to participate in affiliate programs that match my own interests: art, gardening, and education. For example, I’m an affiliate for Coursera, Udemy, Kobo, Rodale, Fivver, and Photos.com/Getty Images through Linkshare. They provide all the text and graphics, and I share them via blogs, emails, and social media. It works for me because these companies align with what I already do. When people click and buy,…

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    Promote and Grow

    How do you make your business grow? This Work It Wednesday I’m starting a series about promoting your business, products, and services. This is directed at you small business owners, but, even if you work for someone else, this information may be helpful. Lady Gaga sings “I live for the applause,” and I believe we are all living for the applause in one way or another. We want people to respond to us, to work with, to cooperate with us, or to like us. So let’s dig into what it takes to promote, and promote well. Marketing Is About Multiple Touches We’ll start with a story. Marcy was excited to…

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    Study at Top Schools without Leaving Home

    I am thrilled to have been accepted into the Coursera affiliate program. Over the years, I have taken several courses through Coursera and can attest to the quality of the materials and instruction. Whether you want to strengthen your business skills or master creative writing, Coursera has a course for you.

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    Nature Art Photography

    I am posting my art for sale on Fine Art America and at Etsy in addition to having prints and originals for sale in my gallery. You can visit me at the gallery and shop on posted days and by appointment. The slideshow below will be continually updating as I add new items at Fine Art America.

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    Try not to giggle

    Giggle seems to be a word making a splash early in 2014. I saw a business aimed at women using it in a tagline and a Facebook page for women using it in an ad. Cute, right? Not to me. Giggle implies immaturity. Here is the definition from Dictionary.com: verb to laugh in a silly, often high-pitched way, especially with short, repeated gasps and titters, as from juvenile or ill-concealed amusement or nervous embarrassment. noun a silly, spasmodic laugh; titter. In searching for the use of giggle by businesses, I found that many are companies selling children’s products such as toys, books, and games. Some children’s photographers use giggle in…