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    Amaryllis in Bloom

    flowers in the midst of winter I posted a video on the December Solstice when I planted an Amaryllis bulb and promised to show the results. Here she is in all her glory! The bulb bloomed just in time for Valentine’s Day, so I decided to take a close up of the blossom and use it to make a digital collage self-portrait. This is a small piece of art at 5″ x 7″.  You can buy it as a print or greeting card at my Fine Art America storefront.

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    In times like these

    The importance of maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health Many people I know or am connected with on social media are unhappy, uncertain, and downright angry about the new Republican administration and the decisions being made. Cries of anguish go up over every tweet, every executive order, and each cabinet nominee. I hear some other cries, too: people commenting that their sleep patterns, eating habits, and overall health have been disrupted. They have found themselves in a downward spiral of not just anger, but hatred and contempt. There is a place for criticism, intentionally provocative posts, and biting political satire. Expressing discontent and holding government officials accountable is an important part of…

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    Post-Election Meme

    a Facebook Cover photo I used a famous picture of women protesting for suffrage superimposed over a picture of a bald eagle to create this image. My own eyes have been superimposed over the eyes of the eagle. This was my post this morning on Facebook: Racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia may have won the election yesterday. But those of us who stand with love and beauty and the multiple, glorious potentialities of life will continue to fight on.   Photo credits: women suffragists & bald eagle from USA.gov