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    How to Make Artist Trading Cards

    Anything Goes Here are the rules for artist trading cards: Card must be 3 1/2″ by 2 1/2″ That’s it. As long as the art fits in the 3.5 x 2.5 inch space, it’s an artist trading card (ATC). An ATC is like a trading card for artists. Sometimes they are created to be traded, but other times they are created just for the fun of it. (this post contains affiliate links — if you click and buy, I will earn a small commission) You can design an ATC with paints, Sharpies, watercolors, inks, stamps, natural materials, glitter, ribbon,fabric, paper, pencil, pen, photos. Really, whatever you have on hand can…

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    Ebooks, mixed media, and more

    Live from Candy Lane Urban Farm™! Check out this week’s Facebook Live Video Follow me on Facebook and like the Candy Lane Urban Farm page to stay up-to-date on what’s fabulous in my world and to let me know the fab things happening in your world. This week I talked about my new eBook, Winter Sowing Works, new mixed media pieces, new greeting cards, and my latest eBook coming out next week.

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    How to Use Watercolor Pencils on a Coloring Page

    Pick the right paper and have fun! After my post about painting a butterfly with watercolor pencils, some people weren’t confident in drawing their own butterfly. This butterfly coloring page solves the problem! I printed the image on a piece of mixed media paper and then started painting. Here are the supplies you need: Coloring page image (see below download option) Watercolor pencils Mixed Media Paper Computer and printer Optional: Iridescent Medium (watch the video below to the end to see what I did) (Some links in this post are affiliate links. If you click and buy I will earn a small commission.) You can download a zip file of…

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    Introducing Fab Friday Live!

    from Candy Lane Urban Farm™ Join me each Friday via Facebook Live to see what’s happening on the urban farm and in the studio, and be the first to know what new items I’ll have at the OKC Farmers Public Market on Saturday. Check out the recording below and come back next week for more. Fab Friday Live 04/14/17

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    Mixed Media Collage Project

    Collage is fun and easy Try It Tuesday A piece of handmade paper and pressed leaves have been hanging around on my work surface for a few days while I tried to decide what to do with them. I was flipping through an old art book when I discovered an image that seemed perfect for creating a simple collage. Watch the video to see how I did it. Materials: Papers, images, text for collage Base paper or image Glue Make Collages with Whatever You Have on Hand

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    Use Watercolor Pencils to Paint a Butterfly

    Watercolor Pencils are inexpensive and easy to use Try It Tuesday I sketched out a simple butterfly design and then used watercolor pencils to bring it to life. Watch the video and let me know if you have tried painting with watercolor pencils. Supplies needed: Watercolor pencils Watercolor paper Small paint brush Water Have Fun with Watercolor Pencils!

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    Make Bottle Cap Magnets

    Try it! This is the first in my Try It Tuesday posts. Bottle cap magnets are easy and fun to make. You can use any kind of picture inside the cap. I printed flowers I had photographed onto card stock, but you could use any photo, a pic from a magazine, a piece of pretty wrapping paper, or even a drawing you do yourself. This is the supply list for this craft: Used bottle caps that are not bent or warped Pictures cut into 1-inch circles (I recommend using a 1-inch hole punch) 1″ round clear epoxy self-adhesive stickers E6000 adhesive or other permanent glue (white craft glue won’t do…

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    Check it out – urban farming as a career

    Writer and speaker Barbara Sher included a profile of my urban farmer life in her new Kindle short, “20 Great Careers for Multitalented People.” I’m listed under Urban Farmer. Only 99 cents on Amazon or free with Kindle Unlimited. If you ever wondered how people like me who have many interests find ways to make a living and also satisfy our need to explore, learn, and create, this is the little gem of a book you’ve been looking for. Enjoy!

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