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Become a t-shirt seller on Amazon

with Merch by Amazon

let Ron Cubbon show you how

Ron Cubbon is one of my favorite small business teachers. He always provides information and courses on the latest ways to make a living as an online business person. I’ve been following his updates on one of his latest ventures: Merch by Amazon. Merch allows you to upload artwork for t-shirts and sell the shirts via the platform. The shirts are print-on-demand, meaning neither you nor Amazon have to maintain any inventory.

Ron has done well on the platform, yet I have wavered to try it myself since I don’t feel like I have good ideas for t-shirt art. Ron, naturally, comes to the rescue of hesitant folks like myself. He has put together a new course called Merch by Amazon: An Introduction to Selling Print on Demand T-shirts. He has priced the course at $99, but you can currently enroll at the early bird price of $29. I don’t know how long he’ll give the discount, so, if you are interested, enroll today.

This post on his blog talks about Merch and how to get accepted. Watch the video for more:

[I did not receive any perks or compensation for this article. I am simply providing an honest heads up about this product to all my Want-To Life friends.]