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How to publish on Kindle

I did it, so can you

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You know I’ve published two books at Amazon. My devotional book, A Year of Wisdom Reflections: contemplating the art of being wiseis a paperback. My winter sowing booklet, Winter Sowing Works, is a Kindle eBook. You know what I discovered? Publishing on Kindle is much easier than I anticipated. I procrastinated for too long because I was concerned about getting the formatting correct.

Here’s what I want you to do.

Stop procrastinating!

Don’t be like me. If you have an idea for a book. Get it out there on Kindle today.

I can help.

I put together a Step-by-Step Introduction to Kindle Publishing Course, and it’s available on my training site for only $9. Watch the video below, and then CLICK HERE to go enroll.

 Really, don’t let “I wish I’d published that memoir” be one of your regrets. Publish today with my help via this course.