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How to get buyers to buy

Appeal to human nature

Don’t get discouraged if sales start out slow when you are promoting a product or service via an email list, blog posts, and social media. It’s human nature to procrastinate until the last possible minute. This means many of your customers and contacts will wait to make their purchase on the final day of a deal. You can use the following ideas to encourage fast action on a promotion.

Work It Wednesday

Offer a bonus

Bonuses work whether you’re promoting your own product or someone else’s. You could make the bonus a free product. I know I have made purchases because the bonus free item was almost as attractive as the purchased item. Here’s an example: if you’re promoting another entrepreneur’s landing page guide, you could include your product about copywriting as a free bonus when they purchase from you.

Recap the product

If you planned your promotion, then you have already sent several emails and made a few blog and social media posts about the product. Don’t assume people have read every word. Many people probably didn’t read all your emails and posts. They may have opened one or two emails. Maybe they read a few lines and got distracted before finishing.

The recap email summarizes the information you have been sending about what the product does, how it works, and how it solves your customer’s problem.

Send several emails

If your promotion is time-limited, consider sending two to three emails on the last day. This works well if you’re part of an affiliate contest or the offer won’t return for another six months (e.g., you’re closing the door on a training program you offer).

Send out the first email to let subscribers know they have 12 hours to go; send the second when there are only 3 hours left; finally, send the third email in the final hour.

Note: Only use this technique when you really believe in the product or promotion.

Some business people worry that doing this will cause customers and contacts to unsubscribe, unfriend, or otherwise tune them out, and it may. However, most of these people were not interested in making a purchase from you anyway. Don’t be afraid to send out a flurry of messages right before the promotion deadline.

It’s not uncommon for product creators and affiliates to see a flood of sales on the last day of a promotion. This means your final emails have the potential to result in big profits.