Focus on the present

and experience more happiness

When we worry over what the future may bring, we create stress and unhappiness in our lives. The key to daily peace and happiness is to focus on what we have right now. It doesn’t mean we don’t have goals or make plans; it means we aren’t attached to the outcomes of those dreams. Live in the present and appreciate life today.

When you focus on what you have
and appreciate it,
you will live a happier life.

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for a new-to-me dishwasher. My old dishwasher had developed a habit of not always opening the cover that releases the detergent. As a result, I had to babysit it each time I ran it to make sure the detergent made it into the wash cycle. I knew I was going to need to repair or replace the dishwasher, but I didn’t focus on buying a new dishwasher or paying a repair person. Instead, I focused on the idea that I wanted to be able to run a dishwasher without babysitting it. Guess what? Monday I pop open the NextDoor app on my phone and find a gentleman offering a 2-year-old dishwasher for free. Yes, free. You better believe I called on some friends to help pick it up and get it to my house that afternoon. Staying in the present and not worrying over repairing or replacing the dishwasher in the future paid off.

What can you do to stay focused on today and appreciate what you have?