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Checks in the mail

I don’t know how many of you have considered affiliate marketing as a way to earn some extra income, but today I received a check in the mail from Rakuten/Linkshare and wanted to share info about them with you. I have selectively applied for and been approved to participate in affiliate programs that match my own interests: art, gardening, and education. For example, I’m an affiliate for Coursera, Udemy, Kobo, Rodale, Fivver, and Images through Linkshare. They provide all the text and graphics, and I share them via blogs, emails, and social media. It works for me because these companies align with what I already do. When people click and buy, I earn a commission.

If you have blogs or social media accounts that target specific topics, Rakuten/Linkshare may be a good fit for you. It’s easy to join and easy to find advertisers for you niche. Click HERE to learn more or click the image below to sign up.

Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program