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Promote and Grow

How do you make your business grow?

This Work It Wednesday I’m starting a series about promoting your business, products, and services. This is directed at you small business owners, but, even if you work for someone else, this information may be helpful. Lady Gaga sings “I live for the applause,” and I believe we are all living for the applause in one way or another. We want people to respond to us, to work with, to cooperate with us, or to like us. So let’s dig into what it takes to promote, and promote well.

Marketing Is About Multiple Touches

We’ll start with a story.

Marcy was excited to email her list about a membership group she had joined. The group had helped her grow her business in new ways and she wanted to let her community know about it so they could benefit, too.

She proudly shared her affiliate link in her email and waited for commissions to flood her inbox. When that didn’t happen, she checked her list service. The email had been delivered and many people had opened her message.

A few subscribers even clicked on her affiliate link, but no one bought it. Discouraged, Marcy decided email marketing only works if you have thousands of subscribers.

You may have felt like Marcy. Maybe you tried email marketing once or twice, but you didn’t see any results or you tried it and only saw a few sales. It can be tempting to believe marketing only works for some people or you need a giant list before you can see real results, but that’s not true. There are many solo entrepreneurs and coaches who use email marketing as an additional income stream. You can become more effective with your emails if you follow these tips.

[Note: Although I’m using email marketing as an example, the same principles apply to marketing in Facebook groups, via text message, on your YouTube channel, or anywhere else: build suspense, talk it up, give it time.]

Build Suspense

Marketing is about multiple touches. That means you start to promote your new product or someone else’s before you’re ready to officially announce it. You can do this by letting your list know something’s coming.

If you want to promote an affiliate product, you could send an email and say something like, “Hey I’m going to share something with you tomorrow that I’m excited about. Stay tuned for details!”

If it’s your own product you’ll be promoting, you could tell your list, “I want you guys to know I’m working on something new. It’s about (topic) and I’ll share more about it soon.” This keeps your list engaged even when you’re not actively promoting anything.

Talk It Up

When you’re ready to share your product or someone else’s with your list, don’t just send a single email. Instead, be prepared to send multiple emails.

Think of the products you’ve purchased to build your business. If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t buy that fancy WordPress theme or join that membership group until you’d heard about it a few times. Your first exposures were all about getting you familiar with the product and understanding how it would improve your life or business.

It’s the same with your list. Sure, you can send out a single email and some subscribers might buy. However, you’re betting on the fact they had heard about this product previously. If you want to convert more of your subscribers into buyers, you’ll have to introduce them to the product repeatedly.

Give It Time

Don’t be discouraged when your first promotion isn’t as great as you thought it would be. Customers need time to make decisions, especially if you’re trying to sell a high-ticket item. Sometimes, people like to get to know you and feel like they can trust you before spending money with you. They may need time to talk to their partner, find the money in their budget, or ask other customers about the product before clicking on the ‘buy’ button.

Marketing your own product or someone else’s as an affiliate is all about playing the long game. You may not make your first sales immediately so be patient and keep at it. If you’re dedicated and you’re sharing helpful information, your subscribers will eventually buy from you.