Make Bottle Cap Magnets

Try it!

This is the first in my Try It Tuesday posts. Bottle cap magnets are easy and fun to make. You can use any kind of picture inside the cap. I printed flowers I had photographed onto card stock, but you could use any photo, a pic from a magazine, a piece of pretty wrapping paper, or even a drawing you do yourself. This is the supply list for this craft:

  • Used bottle caps that are not bent or warped
  • Pictures cut into 1-inch circles (I recommend using a 1-inch hole punch)
  • 1″ round clear epoxy self-adhesive stickers
  • E6000 adhesive or other permanent glue (white craft glue won’t do the job well)

Click the image to order the epoxy stickers I like to use.

(Yes, it’s my Amazon affiliate link; I’ll get a tiny commission if you order via my link.)

Video: How-to Make Bottle Cap Magnets

Watch the video to see how they go together. These are quick, easy, and fun to make. They are a good low-cost item to sell or use as give-aways. And, of course, a fun spring break craft for older children.