New meme, new topics

. . . new every day!

“Go for it!” is a mindset that works well for me, and I think it will work well for you too. Going for it doesn’t guarantee success, but not going for it does guarantee you’ll never know. Last week I wrote about pruning. This week I’m thinking about growing. Part of that growth is a new, disciplined approach to blogging. What does that mean for you? It means you’ll get new content five days a week. This is the schedule:

  • Motivation Monday: you’ll see a new motivational quote and receive some inspirational insights (starting today!).
  • Try it Tuesday: you’ll get tips or instructions or a how-to for a gardening or creative endeavor you might like to try.
  • Work it Wednesday: you’ll receive business related information to help you really work it whether you are an entrepreneur or working for someone else.
  • Thankful Thursday: I’ll share what I’m thankful for and talk about the importance of gratitude in our lives.
  • Fitness Friday: you’ll get accurate information on staying fit no matter your size, shape, or fitness level (this started last Friday with the first post in a series on walking!).

I’m going for it by committing to an ambitious blogging schedule. What have you been hesitating to do? Maybe it’s time to go for it.