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Under the Red Hats: White Rage, Outrage, and the Quest for Empathy

The shock, disbelief, and revulsion of seeing half our country gleefully supporting, and now electing to the presidency, a man who has spent the last year and a half spewing racist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and jingoistic rhetoric should not completely surprise us.  Some predicted it, but we had hoped for something better.  We trusted that America’s “better angels” would prevail.  But they didn’t.
Like many of you, we are mourning, we are outraged. And yes, we are afraid.
We do believe that even the worst events in life can be creatively transformed, but as progressive Christians and process theologians, we do not hold that everything “happens for a reason” or that it must be “God’s will.”  We believe the election of Donald Trump is nothing less than a catastrophe for our country, our world, and our planet—that goodness itself has been crucified by the will of the people.
And “Jesus wept.”
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