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Taking aim in the war on women

I have always been a feminist. I have never been a particularly activist feminist. This week that changed. This morning I joined the National Organization for Women. I am concerned, no, beyond concerned… I am deeply disturbed by the trend I see when it comes to women’s rights, particularly women’s health rights.

It was not until 1965 that the Supreme Court ruled in Griswold v. Connecticut that it was legal to prescribe oral contraceptives to married couples. It was not until 1972 that the Supreme Court ruling in Eisenstadt v.Baird made oral contraceptives legal for single women. These two cases were decided in my lifetime. For all of my adult life I have had access to safe, reliable birth control. An extremist, ultra-conservative faction of the population wants to destroy those rights. They cloak themselves in religious dogma, claiming “sincere beliefs” and a higher moral ground for preventing women from having access to the full range of legal and safe birth control methods.

They claim to be “pro-life” and make sickly, syrupy pleas to protect the unborn. They lie. If they truly want to reduce abortions they would not object to birth control. The best and easiest way to reduce abortions is to give women the ability to control whether or not they get pregnant.

I am not fooled by their lies or their feigned sincerity. Their aim is to greatly restrict access to birth control. Their aim is to control women’s bodies by restricting access to contraceptives. Their aim is to exercise a “Christian” version of Islamic extremist rules and regulations on the lives of women. Their aim is to turn the clock back to a day when women were second-class citizens with no voice, no rights, and no control over their bodies.

My aim is to deliver a deadly blow to the heart of their distorted beliefs. I will not miss.

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