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Men as Objects

Once upon a time, women fought to become more than objects of men’s desires. They fought for the right to own property, to vote, for equal education, for equal pay and for the opportunity to live up to their full potential as human beings. All noble and laudable goals.

So when I read this op-ed piece in the Daily Oklahoman, Child’s pay: Support collections, unwed births on rise, I wonder if the tables have now turned. Instead of women being the objects of men’s desires, men have become the objects of women’s desires. For many women and children, a man no longer plays a vital role in their lives. He has been demoted to the status of sperm donor and intimate playmate. That sounds much like the days when women were no more than incubators and intimate playmates.

The United States now sees nearly 40% of its children born out-of-wedlock. This occurs for many reasons, and it would be impossible to eliminate all out-of-wedlock births. However, I fear for the future of a society in which men and women are nothing more to one another than bed partners and social dalliances. All those hard-fought battles for women’s equality prove themselves for naught if we simply debase men (and ourselves) in pursuit of carnal desires.