Discover IFTTT and Applets – IFTTT

I recently started using applets provided by IFTTT to streamline some processes in life and in business. Mainly, I have automated posting to a particular board on Pinterest. For example, the RSS feed from this blog will auto-post an image and link to Pinterest. Pretty cool! Source: Discover IFTTT and Applets – IFTTT

Upcoming Sales on my Avon eStore

Sales Alert #1 If you are looking for some fall shopping deals, look no further. Visit my Avon eStore between September 20 through October 31 for sales on apparel, footwear, and accessories—there will be hundreds of limited-time offers you can take advantage of. I’m talking never seen before prices that start at as low as …
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How to publish on Kindle

I did it, so can you (This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy, I will earn a small commission.) You know I’ve published two books at Amazon. My devotional book, A Year of Wisdom Reflections: contemplating the art of being wise, is a paperback. My winter sowing booklet, Winter Sowing Works, is a Kindle …
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