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    Let’s all take a knee

    And listen Below is an abbreviated timeline of events/issues that have contributed to the divisions and animosities that exist in the United States today.   U.S. Constitution – ratified 1788 – The new nation makes slavery official. Listen as the flag flies over slaves who have no voice, no representation, and no hope for a better future. Mourn the broken families and broken spirits created by a constitutionalized evil. Ask for forgiveness for a nation that claimed to stand for justice and yet enshrined unspeakable injustices in the same document. Article I, Section. 2 Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within…

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    Fast and Fun Chocolate Cake

    Amy Jo’s Crazy Easy Cake A dump cake may not sound appetizing, but it’s a quick way to make a delicious dessert. You only need one pan so cleanup is a breeze. This particular cake comes out extra moist due to the addition of a bit of applesauce. Here is what you need: Ingredients 1 ½ cups flour 1 cup sugar 3 Tbs cocoa powder 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt 3 Tbs melted butter 2 Tbs applesauce 1 Tbs white vinegar 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup water 1 cup chopped chocolate candy (or mini chocolate chips) – I like to use peanut butter…

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    Hiding inside a religious box

    instead of embracing an alternative reality This is Thursday of Week 3 of the Richard Rohr meditations that I’m following this year. This statement stood out to me: “In fact, religion is often the easiest place to hide from God.” Based on my personal experience and my observations of others (including lay people and clergy), this is true. It’s common to follow all the rules of a religion. It’s less common to make an intimate connection with the divine.

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    Meditating with Fr. Richard Rohr

    Spread Love in 2018 For 2018, I’ve decided to follow Fr. Richard Rohr’s daily meditations. I invite you to follow along with me by subscribing at the Center for Action and Contemplation. The theme for this year is “Image and Likeness:” Over the course of this year’s Daily Meditations, discover opportunities to incarnate love in your unique context by unveiling the Image and Likeness of God in all that you see and do. This is my favorite quote from today’s meditation: God loves us center to center. Happy New Year!

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    Discover IFTTT and Applets – IFTTT

    I recently started using applets provided by IFTTT to streamline some processes in life and in business. Mainly, I have automated posting to a particular board on Pinterest. For example, the RSS feed from this blog will auto-post an image and link to Pinterest. Pretty cool! Source: Discover IFTTT and Applets – IFTTT

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    A guide to holiday greetings

    How to embrace the beauty of the season So the current U.S. president is at it again, claiming that Christmas is never talked about and no one says Merry Christmas. This time he is doing it at the Value Voters Summit (a really nasty group of haters). I don’t know what planet he lives on. Goodness, the Merry Christmas decorations are all over the stores in the U.S., and we have yet to celebrate Halloween. He’s wrong, of course, Christmas is alive and well and celebrated by people all over the world, including the United States. There is no war on Christmas and there never has been. What the unfortunately…

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    Become a t-shirt seller on Amazon

    with Merch by Amazon let Ron Cubbon show you how Ron Cubbon is one of my favorite small business teachers. He always provides information and courses on the latest ways to make a living as an online business person. I’ve been following his updates on one of his latest ventures: Merch by Amazon. Merch allows you to upload artwork for t-shirts and sell the shirts via the Amazon.com platform. The shirts are print-on-demand, meaning neither you nor Amazon have to maintain any inventory. Ron has done well on the platform, yet I have wavered to try it myself since I don’t feel like I have good ideas for t-shirt art.…

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    Upcoming Sales on my Avon eStore

    Sales Alert #1 If you are looking for some fall shopping deals, look no further. Visit my Avon eStore between September 20 through October 31 for sales on apparel, footwear, and accessories—there will be hundreds of limited-time offers you can take advantage of. I’m talking never seen before prices that start at as low as $4.99. Check out the schedule below and get ready to shop. Everything is while supplies last, so get it while you can! September 20 – October 4: Apparel priced at $5.99, $9.99, and $12.99. October 4 – October 17: Footwear priced at $5.99, $9.99, and $12.99. October 18 – 31: Accessories priced at $4.99, $7.99,…

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